Digital Panel Meters

BinMaster’s line of digital panel meters provides easy-to-use, easy-to-see solutions for tank level monitoring and control. Models are available for Modbus and 4-20 mA inputs, and the large, ultra-bright LED displays are offered in single and dual-line configurations to meet your monitoring needs. With hardy NEMA 4X enclosures, these digital panel meters are suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor process applications and can easily be seen in bright sunlight, smoke, fog, or dusty environments.

Digital Panel Meter

Model: DPM-100

The DPM-100 digital panel meter is a versatile, easy-to-read display perfect for any Modbus-enabled level sensor

4-20 Digital Panel Meter

Model: DPM-200

Versatile and extraordinarily bright, the DPM-200 accepts 4-20 mA inputs from a wide variety of sensors.

Modbus Large Display

Model: DPM-300

The DPM-300 is the biggest and brightest digital panel meter display made for the toughest manufacturing environments.

Loop-Powered Process Meter

Model: DPM-400

The DPM-400 loop-powered digital panel meter allows you to install a local display right where you need it. No power, no problem.

Dual-Line 6-Digit Process Meter

Model: DPM-500

Viewable, in fog, dust, smoke and direct sunligh, the DPM-500 dual-line process meter accepts 4-20 MA inputs from a variety of sensors and can be used to power the loop, if needed.

Control Console

Model: C-100

This compact, push-button console provides walk up or drive up level monitoring for SmartBob, non-contact or guided wave radar, and sensors with Modbus output.