Data Monitoring

BinMaster data monitoring solutions are designed to get sensor data where it is needed. For some users, it might mean getting data to a console, PC, or mobile device. For other operations, it’s to a PLC or HMI. Every operation is a little bit different, which is why BinMaster offers professional consultation and a wide variety of solutions. Some are for a WAN, LAN or VPN where customers want their data to reside locally. Others are cloud-based so there is anytime, anywhere data access via an Internet connection. BinMaster has an evolving suite of communications devices, display consoles, locally installed software, and web-based applications to build a data monitoring solution to fit individualized needs.

Digital Panel Meter

Model: DPM-100

The DPM-100 digital panel meter is a versatile, easy-to-read display perfect for any Modbus-enabled level sensor



Compatible with an array of BinMaster and other Modbus sensors, the web-based BinView application allows for easy remote inventory monitoring of multiple vessels at multiple locations. 

Binventory™ (eBob) Software

Model: Version 5.3

With real-time data from a variety of sensors, Binventory™ software helps you safely and effectively manage inventory levels for up to 255 vessels. 

Control Console

Model: C-100

This compact, manually-operated console provides local control and monitoring of one to 120 SmartBob sensors at a single location.