UltraSonic Tank Level

Ultrasonic tank level sensors work by sending sound waves above the human hearing level that echo off the liquid in a tank and return to the transmitter. The sensor’s microprocessor calculates the distance and converts it to a level indication or volume measurement. This technology is incorporated into a variety of sensors with an accuracy of 0.25% of detected range.

Loop Powered Ultrasonic Sensor

Model: LPU-2127

The loop-powered LPU-2127 is a non-contact, ultrasonic sensor used for measuring liquids in tanks up to 25 feet tall. 

Modbus Ultrasonic Sensor

Model: MNU

The MNU ultrasonic sensor - offered in ranges up to 40 feet - is designed for liquid level monitoring in locations that do not require hazardous location approvals.

Self-Contained Ultrasonic Sensor to 25 Feet

Model: IRU-2420

The IRU-2420 is a versatile ultrasonic level sensor with a measuring range of one foot to 25 feet. 

Self-Contained Ultrasonic Sensor to 50 Feet

Model: IRU-3430

The IRU-3430 ultrasonic sensor features a large and powerful transducer with a sensing range from 1.5 feet up to 50 feet.

Ultrasonic Sensor for Small Tanks to 79 Inches

Model: IRU-5000

The IRU-5000 is a short range ultrasonic sensor for small tanks and totes.

Modbus Network Display

Model: MND

The MND is a local Modbus display capable of providing display functions to remote Internet-connected sensors or acting as the Modbus master in an exclusively local application.



Compatible with an array of BinMaster and other Modbus sensors, the web-based BinView application allows for easy remote inventory monitoring of multiple vessels at multiple locations.