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BM-65-R Diaphragm Switch


Diaphragm switch for hazardous locations with standard .016” thick, black neoprene diaphragm, internally mounted

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Pressure switch with hazardous location approvals

The BM65 provides automated point level indication of free-flowing dry materials and can be used in environments where there is a risk of combustible dust.

Need a point level indicator with Class II approvals and affordably priced?

This pressure switch is UL Class II, Groups E, F, & G explosion-proof certified. It’s ideal for high and low-level detection and detecting plugs in chutes.

Why it’s so versatile:

It can be used for level detection and process control. Models are available for internal and external mounting. Plus, a choice of a standard or heavy-duty neoprene, or heavy-duty silicon diaphragms ensure it’s adaptable to many materials.

Where to use the BM65:

  • Free-flowing dry materials with a density >20 lb./cu. ft.
  • Where hazloc approvals or certifications are required
  • Bins, silos, and some plugged chute applications
  • Material densities from 20 lb./cu. ft.
  • Agricultural storage of grain, seed, or feed
  • In operating temperatures from -40°F to +300°F

Overflow Prevention
High level alerts to avoid over-filling vessel


Material Outages
Low level alerts eliminate empty conditions


Plugged Chutes
Detect when chutes are clogged with material


Process Control
Switching relay to turn a process off or on


Conveyor Overload
Prevent jamming or damaging conveyors

More Information
Means of MeasurementPressure Switch
Measurement TypePoint Level
Voltage Up to 250 VAC
OutputsRelay SPDT
Ambient Temperature-40°F to +300°F (-40°C to +148°C)
Process TemperatureUp to +300°F (148°C)
ApprovalsCSA Class II, Groups E, F & G
Enclosure MaterialDie cast aluminum

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