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BinCloud Solar Gateway for 2 Level Sensors


No power to the bin? No problem!

The BinCloud Solar Gateway powers two 4-20 mA loop-powered sensors and transmits level measurement data to the BinCloud app. 

The battery pack inside the gateway is charged by a 50-watt solar panel (purchased separately). Mounting poles and brackets are also available.

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Leave wiring behind, put inventory in front of everyone

Now there’s a way to read levels automatically at every tank and bin in your operation even if there’s no power. The BinCloud Solar gateway powers two 4-20 mA level sensors and sends the data to BinCloud.

Reduce wiring and electrician costs:

Hardwiring and electricians add expense and can stand in the way of automation. BinCloud Solar systems install easily, and solar eliminates energy costs.

Solar system components:

  • A wall or pole-mounted 50-watt solar panel
  • Two 4-20 mA level sensors, radar is popular
  • A BinCloud subscription installed on your phone or PC

Inventory all day and night:

Once charged, the battery lasts up to 48 hours without sunshine when sensors and Gateway operate once per hour. The system needs about 3 hours to charge out of the box or after prolonged dreary weather.

BinCloud Solar is great when there’s:

  • No power to the bin
  • Long distances to span
  • Railroad tracks to cross

You’ve got the power to measure every bin! Get a fast quote now.

  • Cloud Inventory Management for Powerless Containers
  • Connect every container at every site to a cloud inventory system
  • Local or remote inventory monitoring on a phone or PC
  • Send data from level sensors to BinCloud app
  • Works with BinMaster and competitive 4-20 mA sensors
  • With FeedView®, BinView®, CementView®, ResinView® or PitView®
  • Optional two-battery solar configuration if four sensors are needed
  • Measure liquids or solids with compact 80 GHz radar sensors
  • 50-watt solar panel powers two sensors and sends data to the portal

Power Requirements: 120 - 240 VAC

Mounting: Mounting system, gasket, and cover included

Dimensions: 10” W x 8” T x 4” D

Enclosure Type: NEMA-4X

Enclosure Material: UV-Resistant Polycarbonate

Weight: 4 lb.

Warranty: One year from date of shipment

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