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Pit and Lagoon Monitoring with PitView®
Automated measurment and alert system

Confined animal feeding operations can measure liquid manure in pits and lagoons, generate reports and view historical trends without the use of manpower. PitView® helps CAFOs monitor waste volume to optimize liquid manure spreader truck requirements and schedule of manure spreading application sites. Setting up text and email alerts and generating compliance reports is easy using the PitView® feature in FeedView®.

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PitView helps CAFOs manage manure costs

A pit and lagoon monitoring system can save CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) time as they comply with state and federal reporting and regulations, helping to control cost and increase profits.

How PitView Works

The CNCR-110 compact radar level sensor mounted over the manure pit or lagoon sends a signal to measure the distance from the sensor to the surface of the waste material. The measurement is transmitted to software or a cell phone app using a cellular modem or long range wireless transceiver to a gateway, if the facility has an Ethernet connection. Data is accessed from the internet or a phone by logging into the secure FeedView® web application using a personal username and password.

Rugged & Reliable Non-Contact Radar

Radar level sensors perform reliably in the challenging environments, aggressive materials, and under harsh weather conditions found on livestock farms.

The CNCR-110 is a rugged, flood-proof non-contact radar designed for measuring liquids at distances up to 26 feet. The sensor is enclosed in an IP 66/68 enclosure making it dust and weather resistant to ensure maintenance-free operation in animal waste.

Accuracy you can rely on

The sensor measures with accuracy of 0.2 inches in the static pit environment where sensor mounting is fixed. If the lagoon is choppy or wind bounces the sensor, the software will average multiple measurements.

Improve waste management and lower operating costs.

Empowering information made safe and simple

  • Eliminates manual monitoring to save time and enhance safety
  • Remote or on-site monitoring via phone, tablet, or PC
  • 24/7 monitoring anywhere there’s internet access
  • Accurate, reliable pit/lagoon information updates automatically
  • Automated alerts via email or text message
  • Historical reporting to optimize processes and logistics

Simple Sensor Installation

The compact non-contract radar level sensor mounts in a threaded 1½ inch NPS bracket mount by simply screwing the sensor into place. The two-wire CNCR sensors are easily wired to an existing power supply. Alternatively, a solar-powered option is available for lagoons in remote locations where electrical service is not available.

Sensor Mounting Options

Over Lagoons

Posts are mounted on either side of the lagoon with the sensor mounted on a bracket attached to taut wires. Alternatively, a boom arm is attached to a post. The sensor is mounted in a bracket at the end of the boom arm and swings over the lagoon and locks into place.

In Pits

A mounting bracket secures to the pit wall using screws. The sensor installs through the 1½ inch opening in the bracket and is aimed at a 90-degree angle to the waste in the pit. The CNCR-110 wires to a power supply and is ready for operation.

CNCR-110 Radar Sensor Specifications

Measuring Range: 26’ (8 m)

Accuracy: ± 0.2” (± 5 mm)

Mounting: 1½” NPT

Ambient temperature: -40° to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)

Process temperature: -40° to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)

Process pressure: -1 to 3 bar (-14.5 to +43.51 psi)

Housing Material: PVDF plastic

Seal Plastic: FKM fluoroelastomer

Designed with the YOU-ser in mind

Manure management is a dirty job, but PitView helps...

Keep a Clean Record

No CAFO wants to risk a harmful spill or breech of their manure management system. Automating the monitoring and reporting of waste levels makes it easier to prepare the documentation required by regulators. Measurement history easily exports to reports that can be used for compliance with state or federal agencies.

Manage Application Sites

Automatically monitor pit and lagoon levels and set alerts to know when it is time to empty pits. With PitView you can plan application sites and schedule trucks in advance. You will know how much waste is available, so you can arrange for the equipment and manpower to get the job done.

Measurement without Manpower

Once the level sensors are installed, the system takes over. No one needs to go down to the pits or out to the lagoon to take a measurement. Monitoring takes place every day of the week, regardless of staffing. If an alert is triggered  such as during a weather event, personnel are immediately notified via text or email.

The Fab Four Functions of PitView

Satisfy Regulatory Reporting Requirements

Easily download data and create reports to comply with state and federal regulations. Generate interim reports for internal use and view trends to detect abnormal activity.

Set Your Measurement Frequency

Wired sensors, whether in a pit or lagoon, are commonly set to take measurements once per hour to once per day. Solar-powered sensors sometimes used in lagoon applications are typically programmed to measure once per day.

Customize Alerts to Your Operation

The software allows users to set multiple alerts to help manage pit and lagoon levels. Alerts are sent via text or email, so personnel can respond promptly if levels are detected in the danger zone.

Easy, Affordable, and Scalable

Pit and lagoon monitoring requires a one-time purchase of the sensor and mounting equipment. Once installed, there is an annual monitoring fee for each sensor. The software or phone app make it easy to inspect multiple pits, lagoons, or sites using a dashboard that consolidates measurement information in one place.

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