80 GHz Compact Non-Contact Radar 49’ Cabled (Side)


The CNCR-130 sensor is suited for non-contact liquid level measurement at distances up to 49 feet in applications requiring a high level of environmental protection from the elements. It is offered with either a two-wire 4-20 mA or four-wire Modbus output and a choice of a 1.5-inch threaded or straight NPT connection. The CNCR-130 has the cable outlet on the side, for installation on the vessel using a 16, 32, or 82-foot pigtail cable connection. It is easy to setup using Bluetooth on a phone, tablet, or PC. Level measurement data is viewed from a phone or tablet at distances up to 80 feet away, remotely using BinView® software, or PLC. IP66/IP68 enclosure ratings provide environmental protection from dust and moisture ingress. The CNCR-130 has FM/CSA/CE approvals for unclassified areas or is offered with optional ATEX/ICEx zone 1, 1/2 or FM/CSA/ATEX/ICEx Class I, II, III approvals.

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