Binventory® (eBob) Software

Model:Version 5.3

Binventory® inventory management software makes monitoring and managing your applications easy, efficient, and affordable. Compatible with a variety of BinMaster continuous level sensors as well as external sensors using Modbus RTU protocol, Binventory® can manage level data for solids, powders, or liquids in up to 255 vessels across multiple sites. 

Binventory® allows configuration for vessels of various shapes and sizes, including difficult-to-monitor configurations such as horizontal tanks, split silos, and non-linear tanks. For spot-on accuracy, bulk density properties and strapping tables can be entered for vessels containing solids, while specific gravity is entered for liquid tanks.

Featuring real-time data, and allowing for high and low level alerts, vessel level visualization, and usage reports, Binventory® is secure, easy to use, and requires no special training or support.