Vibrating Rod for Sanitary Applications


The vibrating rod for sanitary applications can be installed through a top or side mount for high, mid, or low-level detection of a wide variety of dry and bulk powder materials, including extremely light, fluffy inventory. The vibrating rod features a two-inch stainless steel sanitary fitting for use with the tri-clover style clamp that removes easily for cleaning and sanitation. The rod is ideal for food and pharmaceutical processing or for use with any other materials that require sanitary conditions.

The vibrating rod is suitable for both top and side mount applications and is ideal for a wide variety of dry and bulk power materials, including extremely light, fluffy materials. The single-rod probe design has a sword-shaped blade to prevent bridging of material, making it superior to typical “tuning fork” designs by allowing material to flow easily. It prevents material from bridging and resists buildup on the blade, ensuring the hassle-free upkeep of the bin. Its unique design also allows it to resist false alarms which are common with competitive products that have round probes.

The VR-31 point level switch utilizes BinMaster’s unique piezoelectric driven vibration technology and has a standard insertion length of 11.81 inches. If a longer length is needed, a rigid extension can be added in custom lengths up to 72 inches. Remote electronics that can be distanced up to 20 feet away are also available if excessive vibration or heat is present at the tank.

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