Wireless Transceiver


BinMaster's wireless transceiver eliminates the need for running long spans of communication cable between SmartBob remotes mounted high on the top of bins and a computer or control console on the ground or in a control room. It provides for two-way data communication and enables installations at challenging sites where running extensive cabling is expensive and unfeasible. Wireless transceivers are available in both indoor and NEMA 4X models, making them a suitable solution for a variety of storage, processing, or manufacturing applications.

It is a single-radio module appropriate for worldwide license-free operation, using a 900 MHz frequency hopping spectrum technology. It features low latency for real-time control and data communications. The wireless transceiver is flexible, supporting both RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. It is available in both indoor and NEMA 4X models, making it suitable for a variety of storage, processing or manufacturing applications

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