SmartBob MultiBob System


The SmartBob MultiBob inventory management system allows two to 32 SmartBob sensors to be mounted in a single bin, tank, silo or any other vessel containing powders or bulk solid materials. The measurement data from all sensors is averaged by the advanced Binventory software to provide a single level measurement and percentage full for the bin. By taking and reporting measurements in multiple locations, there is more detailed data available to users about the material in their bin. 

Measurement data--reported in feet or meters--is very precise and repeatable. Each SmartBob sensor measures in the same location every time, detecting level changes in bins containing difficult-to-measure material. Grain bins such as 105’ or 130’ diameter or million bushel bins, as well as bins with multiple filling and emptying points, are common applications for MultiBob. MultiBob is also useful in covered storage bins, flat storage warehouses, and stockpiles where a single measurement is not adequate.