Mechanical Rotary Level Indicator


Rotary Paddle Switch: Point Level for Solids

The BMR-100 is an affordable level switch to alert to vessel levels in solid materials with a bulk density of 2 lb. to over 100 lb./cu. ft.

Want to prevent overfilling bins? Eliminate dry runs in processing operations?

Wire the BMR-100 rotary to a light or horn to alert to high or empty levels.

Simple, electromechanical measurement for ordinary storage and processing operations.

  1. Agriculture. Bins containing grain, seed, feed, fertilizer, or bulk ingredients.
  2. Construction. Concrete and cement batch plants, silos of roofing granules.
  3. Mining. Sand, gravel, aggregate, and coal storage and surge bins.
  4. Plastics. Detect level of plastics pellets in silos or hoppers.


Accessories for the BMR-100.

Paddles. Select from 19 different styles for light, medium, and heavy bulk solid materials. Collapsible  paddles for installation with entering the vessel.

Mounting plates. Carbon and stainless-steel options in 0° 10°, 20° and 30° angles for top mounting on sloped roofs.

Point level alarm panel. Provides vessel level conditions via a blinking light and audible alarm with up to 24 level indicator stations.

Quick disconnect. Replaces hard wiring to make it simple to install and remove the rotary for cleaning, maintenance, or replacement.

Adjustable top mount. Change the high level threshold simply using a adjustable coupling that can be moved up and down a 72” shaft.

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