80 GHz Compact Non-Contact Radar 49’ with LED Display


The CNCR-230 offers an LED display on the sensor housing making level readings accessible from the sensor. It can be used for measurements ranging up to 49 feet. It features a two-wire 4-20 mA output and is offered with either a 1.5-inch threaded or straight NPT connection. It can measure liquid levels through the tank wall when used on a plastic storage tank or IBC container. Level measurement data is viewed from a phone or tablet at distances up to 80 feet away, remotely using BinView® software, or on a PLC. The enclosures are rated IP66/IP67, Type 4X to protect them from dust and water damage. The CNCR-230 performs consistently in condensation, turbulence, and foam. They are suitable for use in many industrial applications along with water and wastewater treatment.