Mini Capacitance Probe for Solids


Mini Capacitance Probe: Point Level for Solids

MCP-200 compact sensor for level detection in light bulk solids.

Looking for a low-cost sensor for level monitoring? Do you process materials with sanitary requirements? Have vessels requiring small fittings?

Solids level indicator for food, beverage, and pharma.

Use in FDA or in ordinary environments.

  1. Milling. Detect when the hopper is empty. Avoid outages that can lead to undue wear on equipment. Ideal for wet or dry milling.
  2. Medicines or supplements. Ensure a continuous supply of empty capsules and active ingredients into the capsule-filling process. Point level measurement prevents overfilling of finished capsule vessels.
  3. Storage tanks. Monitor high and low levels and differential pressure in vessels used for filtration and separation, such as in the brewing process.
  4. Tank feeders. Point level monitoring of pelleted feed to ensure tanks don’t run empty at fisheries and in aquaculture.

What makes the MCP-200 great.

Simple setup. Wireless Bluetooth on your phone or programmed on a PC.

Visual alerts. Colorful LED, status display with adjustable coloration.

Hygienic connectors. G½”, G1” with o-ring, G1” with metallic sealing, or a welded socket

PLC integration. Connects to a control system using an IO-Link

Custom configurations available with short lead times. Fast price quotes, too!