Mini Capacitance Probe for Liquids


Mini Capacitance Probe: Point Level for Liquids

MCP-100 compact sensor for level measurement and pressure detection in water-based liquids.

Need an affordable, sanitary sensor for liquids? Have a 3A or FDA requirement? Small fittings on your existing tanks?

Sanitary process control for food, beverage, and pharma.

Perfect for hygienic use.

  1. Food and beverage. Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products. Beer, soft drinks, and juices.
  2. Water purification. For bottlers of drinking water, beer, soft drinks, or juices for human consumption.
  3. Pharmaceuticals. Sanitary processing of liquids used for prescription and OTC medications or supplements for people or animals.

What you’ll like about the MCP-100.

Simple setup. Wireless Bluetooth on your phone or programmed on a PC.

Visual alerts. Colorful LED, status display with adjustable coloration.

Hygienic connectors. Stainless steel 316L ½” NPT, ¾” NPT, and G1/2 fittings

PLC integration. Connects to a control system using an IO-Link

Custom configurations available with short lead times. Fast price quotes!