Material Management

Flow Detect

Flow detectors prevent cross contamination and aid in FSMA compliance using Doppler technology to communicate flow/no flow conditions. They are used in distributors, gravity chutes, pipelines, ducts, feeders, bucket elevators, gravity spouts, gravity feeders, mechanical or pneumatic conveyors. Choose from the single-piece FD 2000 or the two-piece FD 1000 with a remote sensor probe and a control console.

Dust Detect

Dust detection sensors monitor particulate emissions for compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations. The single-piece Dust Detect 1000 is used in small stacks, baghouses, filters, bin vents and cyclones. The BM-30 LGX consists of a control unit, a particulate sensor and a sensor coaxial cable.  It detects many types of particulates, including dusts, powders, and liquid particulates such as mists.


Aeration devices keep powders and solids flowing so they don’t pack in hoppers, along bin walls, or in the cone of the bin. The Airbrator combines aeration and vibration to address difficult material flow applications such as fly ash, cement, flour, lime, sand, salt or food-grade applications. A Diffuser Air Pad is a low-cost solution for finely ground dry materials that prevents compaction along bin walls.