Liquid Level


Pressure transmitters measure liquid levels in process and storage tanks. The PT-500 submersible pressure sensor offers simple “drop in” installation and Class 1, Division 1 approvals. The externally mounted PT-400 is a heavy duty pressure transducer for harsh conditions with Class 1, Division 1 approvals. Amplified output transmitters are a low cost option when hazloc approvals are not required.


BinMaster has an extensive selection of ultrasonic sensors for tanks from 4 inches up to 50 feet with data access via the Internet, PC, Smartphone, or a PLC. All are extremely accurate to 0.25% of the detected range. This liquid level lineup includes loop-powered, web-enabled, and Modbus-compatible models – many with hazloc approvals. Find what fits your needs with remotely programmable or completely self-contained units.


BinMaster’s magnetostrictive level sensors are continuous float level transmitters used for interface monitoring of liquids. Sensors feature Class 1, Division 1 hazardous location approvals. The MPX-R for harsh conditions features a large, buoyant and robust float. The MPX-E sensor has a compact design for constrained spaces. Data is output to a Modbus controller, PLC or BinView via the Internet.

Float Switches

BinMaster’s float switches are used for controlling pumps and activating alarms when a liquid level must be maintained to prevent overfilling or damage to the pump. This multi-level float can be built up to 24” long with three switch points. Frequently used in water and wastewater, the rugged FLE magnetic float sensor can also be used to monitor liquid levels in harsh environments, such as toxic or corrosive fluids.