Data Monitoring


BinView is a 24/7 web-based monitoring solution for bins, tanks and silos that enables remote wireless inventory management of bulk solids or liquids. BinView is compatible with SmartBob, ultrasonic, and magnetostrictive sensors, and pressure transducers. Wireless transceivers send sensor data to a gateway and the Cloud, which allows data access from a PC, iPad or Smartphone connected to the Internet.

Binventory Software

Binventory Management Software delivers real-time inventory data from storage vessels. Networked on a LAN, WAN or VPN, users can access data from every site on the network and activate a current level measurement reading in real time. Binventory works with SmartBob cable-based sensors , SmartSonic, SmartWave, ultrasonic, magnetostrictive, and pressure transducers used for level measurement.


BinCom is a family of communications devices used in BinMaster’s remote data monitoring solutions including inventory management, delivery route optimization, and asset tracking. Devices include a variety of transceivers, gateways and asset trackers that get data from the sensors to the Cloud. Inputs include DI/AI,RS-485 and dry contacts. Available platforms include cellular CDMA, GSM, WiFi and Ethernet.