BinMaster Product Overview

Level Monitors and Controls

Devices to Improve Process Control and Inventory Management

  • Enhances Safety
  • Simple Operation
  • Saves Time
  • Requires Less Staff
  • Prevents Bin Overflows
  • Improves Inventory Management
  • Optimizes Storage Capacity
  • Highly Cost Effective
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Continuous Level

Proven Continuous Level Technology

For more than a decade, the SmartBob2 has been providing reliable performance for bulk material level measurement. Combined with user-friendly eBob software, a variety of controllers and wireless devices, SmartBob is proven in applications worldwide.

Dust-Penetrating, Non-Contact Measuring and Mapping

The BinMaster 3DLevelScanner uses advanced acoustics-based technology to measure and map the level and accurately calculate the volume of powders and solid materials in bins, tanks and silos. Its unique optional visualization tool show displays a 3D representation of the bin contents.

Guided Wave Radar
Accurate, Reliable Level Measurement for Solids and Liquids

The GWR-1000 guided microwave level transmitter utilizes time domain reflectometry (TDR) to continuously measure the distance, level and volume of powders, granules, solids and liquids in bins, tanks and silos.

Continuous Non-Contact Measurement

SmartSonics ultrasonic transmitters feature a high efficiency, narrow beam design technology that performs well in harsh environments where bin temperatures vary.

Automatically Adjusts to Tank Conditions

SmartWave features a variety of pulse radar transmitters that can be integrated with a remote display or optional PC interface to provide a complete and scalable bin level detection solution.

Point Level Indicators

Rotary Level Indicators 
Tried and True Point Level Measurement

BinMaster rotaries offer a cost effective means to prevent bin overflows. The BMRX and MAXIMA+ feature low power consumption, "de-engergized" operation - which shuts down the motor when material is present - and automatic alerts to power failure.

Capacitance Probes 
Interference-Free Operation

Operating below the RF level, BinMaster capacitance probes won't interfere with other electronic devices. BinMaster offers a variety of probes with "fail-safe" protection, including models meeting hazardous location and USDA 3-A standards.

Point Level Indicators

Pressure / Diaphragm Switches     
Reliable Bin Overflow Protection

BinMaster diaphragm switches have been alerting users to bin conditions for more than 40 years. BinMaster helps save time and money by allowing bins to be filled without continually and manually checking bin levels.

Tilt Switches     
Works in Chutes and Hoppers

The BinMaster tilt switch level indicator is a versatile, low-cost indicator which can be used for a wide variety of applications. it can be installed as a plug detector in chutes or hoppers, or used it detect high levels of large heavy materials in tanks, bins or silos.

Vibrating Rods
For Powders and Dry Bulk Solids

BinMaster provides a variety of vibrating rods to offer side and top-mount fleixibilty for high, low and mid-level configurations. Standard, extended length, high temperature and mini models ensure BinMaster has the product to address your needs.

Flow & Dust

Dust Detection
Alerts to Changes in Emissions

BinMaster's single device dust detector that has been specifically designed to continuously monitor the flow of particulate emissions from small stacks and other emission points.

Flow Detection
Flow / No Flow Alerts

BinMaster's flow detect system consists of two components – the FDS 1000 remote sensor probe and the FDC 1000 control console – which work together to provide flow / no flow Detection for solids and powders.

Helps Keep Materials Flowing

BinMaster Airbrator combines aeration and vibration to solve even the most difficult material flow applications while BinMaster Air Pads help solve many material flow problems when mounted intermittently along bin walls.