Volume 46, Issue 26

BinMaster’s Products and Helpful Hints to Make your Workplace Better

Question: I'm not sitting at my desk all day. Can I check my bin levels on the go?

Answer: Yes, you can. BinCom transceivers and gateways make it possible to get your SmartBob data on your SmartPhone, tablet, or a PC. The BC-400 900MHz transceiver mounts on or near the SmartBob. When a measurement is taken, the BC-400 “wakes up” and sends your data to a BinCom BC-100 gateway wirelessly up to a mile away. The gateway gets the data to the Cloud where you can access it via the Internet anytime,anywhere you are on-site or off premises.

Question: How does BinCom work?

Mini Rotary Point Level Indicator
• Economical and compact for small bins, silos, chutes, or hoppers
• Material density from 2 lb./cu. ft. to over 30 lb./cu. ft.
• Use in bulk solids including powders,pellets, and granular
• Adjustable sensitivity in plastics, feed, seed, grain, or chemicals

SmartBob Hint
Want the best accuracy from your SmartBob? Mount it 1/6 of the way in from the outer wall. This is proven to be the best location for free-flowing materials in a center-fill, center discharge bin.

Single blade, GRP-34 or GRP-36 | Double blade, GRP-35 or GRP-37

This paddle collapses to fit through a standard 1-1/4” or 1-1/2” coupling simplifying installation and eliminating the need to go inside the bin to attach the paddle. Your safety people and OSHA will love that it keeps people out of bins. There is a single blade model for heavy materials like aggregates and a double blade model for light or medium weight materials such as feed, seed, or grain.

Increase Your Immunity
Guided wave radar is immune to dust, humidity, pressure and bulk density changes that take their toll on other sensors. The GWR-1000 works in vessels of most any shape or diameter,
including narrow tanks. Get continuous level measurement with ± 0.2 inch accuracy in powders, granules, bulk solids or liquids.

Level in Liquids
PT-500 Submersible Pressure Transducer
These extremely affordable and versatile level sensors can be used in water, wastewater or chemicals in depths up to 450 feet. They’ve got Class 1, Div 1 intrinsically safe hazloc certification and USA-made 36L stainless steel construction that’s built to last. Protective cages and built-in lightning protection ensure long life. Outputs include 4-20 mA, Modbus, and the BinView web application in the Cloud.

3D Visual Tells All
3DLevelScanner Model MV or MVL

The 3DLevelScanner measures and maps multiple locations across the material surface in a 70° beam angle. Thanks to 3D acoustic technology, accurate volume measurement is achievable in difficult to measure powders and solids. The MV model converts those points to a visual that shows cone up, cone down, high and low spots, and sidewall buildup. Really big bin? Install two or more scanners in a MVL system.

SmartBob Teflon Spike Sensor, #416-0697

This optional probe for SmartBob sensors prevents material from building up on the probe. The Dupont 532-G-5011 US FDA approved Teflon coating is great for use in human and animal food or pharmaceutical applications. It’s also a favorite in sticky materials like frack sand, powdered chemicals or minerals.

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