Volume 1, Issue 1

J-M Manufacturing Makes Corporate Purchases of Over 120 SmartBob II Remotes

J-M Manufacturing of Livingston, New Jersey has chosen the SmartBob II remote sensor and IMS software program over the competition. After trying other measuring devices, J-M found the SmartBob to be the most reliable and accurate system to keep track of their bulk storage inventory. J-M is the largest manufacturer of PVC pipe in the United States and in the world. J-M was formed in 1982 following the purchase of eight PVC pipe manufacturing facilities from the Johns-Manville Corporation.

During the past eighteen years of operation, they have expanded their operations by six additional plants. J-M has the most modern PVC pipe production facilities in North America, and their distribution network covers all major North American pipe markets. J-M's 14 plants are expanded and upgraded to keep pace with the latest global production technology. The SmartBob’s are being installed on silos that contain calcium carbonate, PVC resin, and PVC blend.

When the applications get tough…The tough keep going.

SmartBob II is built tough to perform in demanding applications where competing systems and technologies won’t work. A recent test of a SmartBob II remote where the mechanical cavity was filled with silica sand, flour, and paraffin flakes. The new robust design of the remote allowed it to cycle through the buildup with no problem. Water was then poured into the cavity and the remote sat idle overnight. When the unit was commanded to take a measurement the next morning, the sensor probe descended and retracted without any hesitation. SmartBob II is built tough for the toughest applications.

Omaha Public Power District Installs BinMaster Products to Help Automate Coal Handling System

The Omaha Public Power District has recently installed a BinMaster SmartBob inventory measurement system and PRO-Series point level capacitance probes on eighteen of their coal bunkers at the North Station coal-fired power plant. SmartBobs were installed to let the operators know the exact level of the coal in each of the 18 bunkers. They chose the system because it provides a simple interface between the SmartBob remotes and a PLC located in the coal handling control room. The PLC initiates a measurement by providing a dry contact closure to a BinMaster Remote Start Unit (RSU). The PLC can then retrieve the measurement from an analog 4-20 mA current loop output from the RSU. An HMI software package displays the bunker level on a screen in the control room. PRO III X capacitance probes with flexible extensions were installed on top of the bunkers to provide a high and high/ high signal. PRO II X capacitance probes with 6.5” stubby shielded probes were installed to detect low levels.

New Capacitance Probe Brochure

A new BinMaster 12-page capacitance probe brochure is now available. The brochure includes illustrations, specifications and descriptions of nine power pacs and 12 separate probe options. The BinMaster PRO Series capacitance probes use advanced integrated circuit technology operating at low frequency to achieve both high sensitivity along with stable calibration. Call 800-278-4241 to receive our new Capacitance Probe brochure.

New Cost-Effective Remote Electronics Capacitance Probe

The new PRO Remote 25 is specially designed for hostile applications with high temperature or vibration. This model features a compact remote electronics package located in a separate housing. With the “split” configuration, the sensor electronics can be safely mounted up to 25’ from the sensing probe. The compact design of the electronics also allows it to be placed in locations with restricted space.