Glass Production

Raw Materials Storage
Application: Raw materials used for the production of glass (sand, dolomite, soda ash, calomite, broken glass, and manganese oxide) are stored in silos before entering the batch processing.

Challenges: Batches that feed the furnace are produced by mixing fixed amounts of different raw materials that come from multiple silos. For some of these materials, each batch must be supplied from a single supplier and can’t be mixed with material coming from another supplier. Therefore, it is essential to have sufficient quantities of all the materials before the batching starts. When operators know how much of each material is available, they can avoid unnecessary and unexpected production stoppages. BinMaster’s 3DLevelScanner reliably and accurately measures the volume of the stored materials in multiple silos, enhancing operators’ inventory management and control capabilities.

Batch Silo
Application: Different raw materials are mixed using a specific formulation for each glass production cycle and are kept in the batch silo before entering the furnace.

Challenges: The batch silos feed the furnace. Since the furnace needs to be fed continuously, it is crucial to control the batch silo inventory during the on-going process. Operators need to ensure continuous production to avoid unnecessary and unexpected production stoppages and associated losses in time and money. The BinMaster 3DLevelScanner provides reliable and accurate real-time measurements of the volume of the raw materials stored in the batch silo, giving operators significantly improved inventory management and control capabilities.