Beer Production

Raw Grain Storage
Application: Prior to being processed, grains used in beer production are delivered to the plant and stored in large silos to ensure that there is a continuous production process.

Challenges: Silos can reach more than 50 ft. in diameter and over 130 ft. in height. Knowing the exact amount of raw material entering the malting process is important to tracking and controlling production efficiency. Raw material delivery times can vary considerably; therefore, it is essential to ensure the raw material is sufficient for theproduction plan. Only BinMaster systems, using multiple point surface mapping technology, overcome all of these problems by delivering accurate, reliable, and continuous non-contact volume measurements. 3D visualization allows early detection of buildup and timely maintenance.

Malted Grain Storage
Application: Malted grains, such as distiller’s rice are stored in large silos prior to entering the beer brewing process.

Challenges: Malted grains have a tendency to form buildup and rat holes, and create a great deal of dust during the filling process. Due to its unique dust-penetrating technology and 3D surface mapping capabilities, only the BinMaster 3DLevelScanner system can generate accurate volume measurements for process management and inventory control requirements under such difficult conditions. The 3DLevelScanner’s 3D visualization tool provides a real-time 3D display showing the actual distribution of the silo contents, allowing for the early detection of buildup and rat holes as they occur. This permits timely maintenance and avoids unexpected process stoppages, along with associated losses in time and money.

Malting Silo
Application: The seeds go through a chemical and malting process before being further processed.

Challenges: The humid condition of the cooked grains, together with the time the grains remain stored inside the malting silo, initiates the formation of buildup on the silo walls. The additional dust generated during the process further complicates accurate measurement of the true volume of the inventory. The 3DLevelScanner reliably delivers accurate volume measurements regardless of the harsh storage environment, and its 3D visualization tool generates a real-time 3D display of the distribution of malted grains inside the silo, allowing for early detection of material buildup. This enables the end user to schedule timely maintenance and avoid unexpected interruptions in the process, as well as associated losses in time and money.