Pulp and Paper Making

Application: Logs are ground into wood chips and stored in silos before being processed into pulp.

Challenges: These storage silos tend to be large. Plus, wood chips have a tendency to stick together due to the particle’s rough and irregular surface. The emptying process is generally done through nozzles along the bottom of the silo, which can create irregular and uneven formations inside the silo. As the storage silos feed the pulp making process, it is important to ensure adequate material is available for production. Continuous inventory management is critical for the end user, and BinMaster’s 3DLevelScanner accurately measures the volume of chips remaining in the silo, taking into account material buildup near the silo walls or irregular topography throughout the silo. In addition, the 3DLevelScanner’s 3D visualization tool allows the end user to see the allocation of wood chips inside the silos in real time. This facilitates the scheduling of any required maintenance and cleaning before unexpected interruptions of the emptying process occur, causing stoppages or delays in the pulp production process which in turn can lead to loss of both time and money.