Detergent Production

Dry Ingredients
Application: Dry ingredients are stored in silos before being transferred to the production process.

Challenges: It is important to accurately measure the contents of dry ingredient silos to ensure adequate inventory for the production process. BinMaster’s 3DLevelScanner uses multiple-point surface mapping technology to generate accurate level and volume data for each of the silos in real-time, enhancing the end user’s ability to better manage inventories and replenish silos in a timely manner.

Finished Product
Application: The final product is stored in silos prior to being packaged and shipped.

Challenges: The end user needs to accurately monitor the inventory of the final product to ensure product availability for the packaging process. The final product can be difficult to measure as it tends to pile irregularly in the silo. BinMaster’s 3DLevelScanner accurately measures the level and volume of the contents inside the silos, giving the end user better control over inventory management and delivery schedules, and enhances the reliability of related financial reporting.

Reject Recycle Silo
Application: The dried granules are screened to obtain a relatively standard size; unscreened granules that exceed the standard size are transferred to a storage silo, and then recycled back to the crusher for further processing to meet granule size standards.

Challenges: The rejected material generates dust as it is loaded in the silo. The irregularly shaped granules tend to build up at the bottom of the silo and form an irregular topography on the material surface. The end user must continuously monitor the amount of material in the silo and gradually introduce it back into the production process, while not overfilling the silo. It is important to detect buildup as early as possible so that scheduled maintenance and cleaning can be implemented to ensure material flows from the silo and costly interruptions of the production process are avoided. The BinMaster 3DLevelScanner’s level and volume measurement with optional 3D visualization tool allows for continuous monitoring and early detection of buildup.