BinMaster Introduces Flexible Shaft Rotary for High Level Detection in Solid Materials

BinMaster has announced a new flexible shaft rotary for detecting high levels in bins containing rock, aggregates, coal, ores or other lump materials. This type of rotary extension may be desirable in conditions where a rigid extension could be damaged or bent by heavy material. Both the standard BMRX and fail-safe MAXIMA+ rotary level indicators can now be configured with this flexible shaft extension.

This extension can be used when the rotary is mounted on the top of the vessel and used for high level detection. The single, flexible 8 mm cable attached to the rotary power pac shaft must be a minimum of four inches and a maximum of 14 feet long. An 8” counterweight at the end of the cable includes a coupler for attaching the paddle. To configure the rotary, the length of the counterweight, coupler and paddle must be added to the length of the cable. A flexible, extended rotary is very easy to install using any standard 1-1/4” coupler and is easier to install than a rigid extension that has a risk of bending.

Both the BMRX and MAXIMA+ rotary level indicators feature rugged construction and a simple, dependable design, including a screw-off cover for easy access to internal components and dual conduit entrances to simplify wiring. Standard features include a switch selectable, high/low fail-safe to alert to power loss and a de-energizing motor for extended operational life.

BinMaster’s advanced MAXIMA+ rotary level indicator features a complete fail-safe system that alerts to the loss of power, failure of the motor, or failure of the electronics. A red LED indicator light on the top of the unit indicates its status, providing for quick visual monitoring of the unit. In applications where the status and performance of the rotary is critical, the MAXIMA+ provides peace of mind.