BinMaster Introduces Insertable, Collapsible Rotary Paddle

Garner Industries, manufacturer of BinMaster® level measurement devices, has announced the introduction of a collapsible paddle as a new option for its line of BMRX and MAXIMA+ rotary level indicators. This paddle design simplifies installation and removal of the rotary by allowing the stainless steel paddle to be collapsed to fit through a standard 1-1/4 inch opening common to powder and bulk agricultural and industrial storage bins in the United States. The paddle is available with the purchase of new BinMaster rotary level indicators and can also be retrofit onto existing devices previously installed at customer locations.

“BinMaster is focused on helping its customers save time and work as cost effectively as possible. The new insertable, collapsible paddle eliminates the need for cutting larger holes in the bin or installing mounting plates. The paddles will collapse and pull back through the process connection, should the unit need to be removed for any reason. Plus, there is no need to go into the bin to install the paddle onto the bottom of the rotary,” stated Garner Industries president Scott McLain.

When installing the BMRX or MAXIMA+ rotary, simply mount the collapsible paddle onto the bottom of the rotary, collapse the paddle and insert it through the opening. When it enters the bin, the spring loaded paddle instantly expands to its full size. “The rugged spring design is also less susceptible to damage from falling materials, as the paddle will give and then flex back to a fully opened position,” added McLain.

The new paddle is offered in two designs – a two-paddle design and a single paddle design. A two-paddle design is best suited for light to medium weight materials such as many feeds, seeds and grains or materials where more surface area is needed to apply resistance to the paddle and activate alerts. It folds to under 1-1/4 inch when collapsed, but measures a robust 7-3/4 inches when fully expanded … providing adequate surface area for sensing powder and bulk materials. The single paddle design – which also fits through the 1-1/4 inch opening – is suitable for heavy or dense materials such as aggregates and is ideal when resistance is immediate and little contact is needed to activate alerts.