Volume 45, Issue 25

Flow/No Flow Detection with Hazloc Approvals

The single-piece FD-2000 is a flow/no flow detector used to prevent cross contamination by ensuring flow has stopped completely before a new material is introduced into the flow stream. It detects even the tiniest trickle of flow of powders or solids. It is used in gravity chutes, feeders, pipelines, conveyor belts, or bucket elevators. With Class II approvals and rugged construction, it is especially popular with feed, grain, milling, food, cement, mining, power, and plastics operations.

Prevent Cross Contamination & Comply with FSMA
It is significant to operations that must comply with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), when used as a preventive control and alarm to detect flow/no flow conditions while handling grain, feed, food, and ingredients.

Detect Blockages, Empty Conveyors, or Loose Gates
The FD-2000 prevents downtime caused by blockages, conveyors running empty, no material flow to-and-from a process, or loose slide gates that can cause contamination, improper portioning, production loss, equipment damage or failure.

Single-Piece Unit with Simple Set Up
The single-piece unit houses both the remote sensor and control console in a single NEMA 4X enclosure. Controls for the initial calibration, adjusting sensitivity, and setting output delays are accessible by unscrewing the lid of the device. LED lights indicate power, flow/no flow and fault conditions and show the status of the device. It installs quickly & easily in a 1-1/4” NPS fitting and has no contact with the filling stream.

Microwave-Based Doppler Technology
The FD-2000 uses low-power, microwave Doppler technology for highly sensitive motion detection that can pass through non-metallic materials. It includes a switchable filter to reduce the effect of vibration and ensure the detection of a trickle flow to fast-flowing materials. A single analog relay output communicates flow or no flow status to a PLC and has the option of using both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts. LED indicator lights alert the end user of the device's status.

Reliable Solids Flow Detector
•  Class II hazardous location approvals
•  One-piece design with built-in controls 
•  Detects solids, granules, pellets, meals & powders
•  Prevents cross contamination for FSMA compliance
•  Installs simply using 1-1/4” NPS fitting

One Tough Capacitance Probe

BinMaster’s toughest probe yet! The new BinMaster HD probe is a heavy duty, stainless steel probe that attaches to standard PROCAP I or hazloc PROCAP II capacitance probes. This rugged probe comes in a standard 8” length and features a Teflon finish to prevent material buildup and false readings. The robust 1” diameter increases the surface area for maximum sensitivity. Use it in powders like fly ash or high bulk density materials like coal, clinker, aggregates, or grain.

•   Heavy duty, 1” diameter SS probe resists bending and breaking
•   Teflon coating resists buildup and prevents false readings
•   Suitable for high temperatures up to 500°F (260°C)
•   High and low level detection in bins, tanks, or silos
•   For standard PROCAP I or hazloc PROCAP II capacitance probes

Affordable, Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter

Just drop it in! The PT-500 is a 316L SS sensor featuring built-in surge and lightning protection and simple field zero adjustment using a magnet. It has hazardous location approvals, is highly accurate, and offers a protective reusable cage option. It is used for water and wastewater management, chemical tanks, waste lift station overflow prevention, or leachate tanks.

•   Class 1, Division 1; Groups C & D approvals
•   Submersible up to 450 feet
•   Accuracy  to ≤ 0.50% of span (BFSL)
•   4-20 mA output
•   Built-in lightning and surge protection 
•   Optional reusable protective cages 
•   Simple field zero adjustment using a magnet