Volume 27, Issue 7

3D MultiVision: See All Your Tanks in 3D

You’re responsible for monitoring the inventory in multiple bins and your best case scenario is viewing the inventory for all your bins at one time, preferably from the comfort of your office. Open one window, see all your bins. That’s 3D MultiVision!

BinMaster’s 3D MultiVision is a Windows-based software used with the 3DLevelScanner – the dust-penetrating, non-contact sensor for solids and the only device that provides multiple point measurement and 3D mapping of bin contents. 3D MultiVision was developed for users of the 3DLevelScanner who have multiple bins and want to view them all at once, so they can save time and easily zero in those bins needing attention.

The software eliminates the need to open a new window for each sensor. It lines up all of the bins side-by-side on the screen, so it’s easy to see which bins are getting empty or might overfill. To make it easy to track different materials, each bin can be color-coded, so that all bins containing the same material are the same color. The software can be programmed to highlight those bins that need attention, simply by setting a level that triggers an alert.

By clicking on an individual bin, MultiVision launches into the detailed data for that bin. If it’s an MV or MVL model which offers visualization, this also displays the 3D image along with all of the other critical measurements such as high, low and average levels in the bin. MultiVision software is compatible with all versions of the 3DLevelScanner – S, M, MV, and MVL – enabling users to view all of their bins on a single screen.

MultiVision software is loaded on the PC of each authorized user. The data is accessed by individuals via a Local Area Network from a PC that stores the data for all of the bins. People from different departments can view the data for the bins simultaneously . . . no waiting! 3D MultiVision lets each person configure their screen with a custom view of the bins they need to monitor, with just the data they want to appear on the screen.

3D MultiVision helps make work easier

  • Plant personnel need a quick overview of critical bins.
  • Logistics wants to optimize truck or railcar deliveries.
  • Maintenance views the 3D image to detect sidewall buildup.
  • Purchasing projects when to place the next order.
  • Accounting needs an accurate month-end inventory.

3D MultiVision allows each user to configure and digest the data differently and on their schedule by offering 24/7 real-time data availability. Bin data can be set to display parameters such as headroom, mass, volume, pounds or bushels. Bins can be sorted by the material they contain to ensure adequate production inventory is on hand. Some users may only be concerned with bins that currently have high or low level alerts. Users can set up MultiVision so that it exports and sends customized reports at scheduled time intervals – at the beginning or end of a shift, each day, or month end. For analytical purposes, users can search a range of log files by date and time and export just the information they need. Historical data can help operations improve productivity, maximize purchasing and logistics, and reduce inventory and operating costs. 

Benefits of MultiVision Software

  • View the status of multiple bins in a single window
  • One click access to detailed information for each bin
  • Each user can customize screen views for the data they need
  • Single server ensures all users are viewing the same bin data
  • Real-time bin data is available across the organization
  • Better data for purchasing, logistics, and operational decision making
  • Enhanced inventory accuracy for improved financial management

3 Ways to Win with SmartBob

When managing inventory, you’re concerned with control, convenience and cost. BinMaster’s SmartBob inventory management system offers you three easy-to-use, real-time solutions to access your bin level data. All three options are compatible with either the rugged SmartBob2 sensor (for bins up to 180’) or the compact, economical SmartBob-TS1 sensor (for bins up to 60’). SmartBob is a proven solution that eliminates climbing bins to take measurements, enhancing safety and making less work of managing more inventory.

C-100 Control Console

This compact, push-button control console mounts at the base of the bins, and can display data for up to 128 bins. There’s no walking from bin to bin to get measurements; simply push a button and scroll through the data for all your bins. You can also prompt a current measurement for one or all bins at the push of a button. The console displays the bin number, percent full, height of material (or headroom) and weight. The console stores all of the bin parameters, the last measurement taken, and user settings in the console’s memory, even in the event of a power loss. The C-100 is the most simple and economical way to monitor a network of bins and is often used in combination with eBob or BinView.


With eBob, monitoring bins is as easy as sitting at a computer in the comfort of your office. The Windows XP Pro, Vista and Windows 7 compatible program offers colorful “at a glance” graphical monitoring for one to 100 bins on a local area network (LAN). The software displays up to 16 bins at a time and shows the bin name or number, content, headroom, product volume and weight, percentage full and the date and time of the last measurement. A “measure” button activates a new measurement, if a current level is needed. Programmable alarms for high and low levels make it easy to know when to stop filling or replenish a bin. Automated emails can be sent for alarm notifications or detailed bin inventories can be sent at scheduled times each day.


This Web-based bin monitoring solution allows bin data for one or hundreds of bins to be accessed anytime, anywhere, by any authorized user that has an Internet connection. BinView allows bin levels to be monitored while away from the office, by users in multiple locations or at the corporate office, and by authorized vendors using vendor managed inventory (VMI). BinView uses cloud-computing and is independent of the company network, so there is no software to install. The SmartBob sensors are set to take measurements at predetermined time intervals or a measurement may be requested while logged in, if more current data is needed. A popular BinView feature sends automated level alerts to a cell phone or via email any time a bin level reaches a predetermined high or low level.