Volume 14, Issue 14

New SmartBob -TS1 offers an Affordable and Reliable Inventory Tracking Solution

Remote Managed Inventory (RMI) provides a more efficient method of product management between a supplier and customer (remote site). The use of a remote managed inventory system to monitor and control the usage of raw materials has brought important real-time benefits to a wide range of industries, especially where bulk materials are a vital part of the process.

A corporate hog operation in North Carolina has installed SmartBob-TS1 sensors on eight feed silos at one of their contracted farms. They manage critical inventory levels with real-time data using eBob software. The powerful eBob information management system communicates preset or on-demand readings to any PC with Internet access and proper authorization. This system allows the feed mill to keep a constant check on supplies of feed at this particular farm. By studying trends in usage, they can optimize their schedules to meet expected demands and forward plan their delivery logistics.

How the SmartBob-TS1 Operates

When a SmartBob-TS1 positioned on the top of a vessel is asked to take a measurement, a hard-wearing motor releases a nylon cable from the supply pulley and a weighted sensor probe quickly descends to the surface of the material. During the descent, the SmartBob-TS1 measures the cable dispensed by counting pulses with a high resolution micro-controlled optical sensing system. When the sensor probe touches the material surface, pulses are momentarily stopped and measurement information is transmitted. The absence of pulses also causes the motor to reverse and retract the sensor probe. A second confirming measurement is taken as the probe retracts and is compared to the descend measurement.

As the probe is retracted, motor torque is automatically reduced during the last 12” of the retract cycle resulting in a “soft retract seating” which extends the life of the SmartBob-TS1 and ensures proper cable spooling.

Flow/No Flow Detection for Solids and Powders

The Flow Detect 1000 is a high quality, industrial grade instrument which senses flow/no flow conditions of solids and powders in pneumatic pipelines, gravity chutes, and feeders. Because it uses Doppler technology, the Flow Detect 1000 gives you the most accurate readings available. The sensor probe is completely non-intrusive, avoiding contact with the flow stream. This eliminates flow stream interference and equipment wear commonly found with other flow detection methods.

New Field Adjustable Capacitance Probe

The new shielded, bare stainless steel OEM probe was designed to allow customers to purchase one standard probe and adjust the length in the field. This will reduce the cost, decreases lead times, and allow you to stock one probe.  It features a 1-1/4” NPT fitting, a 3/4” high pressure fitting, sleeved PRO-Guard shield, and a 5/8” solid stainless steel probe that can be cut down to 8” or extended up to 8 feet.

Coming In January 2007: New BMRX Rotary Bin Level Indicator

  • Triple thread screw-off cover - No more bolts!
  • DPDT relay output, 250 VAC, 10 A
  • Switch-selectable high/low fail-safe
  • Removable terminals for easy wiring
  • Dual conduit entrance for improved wiring access
  • Hazardous location approval standard
  • Built-in motor slip-clutch protects drive
  • De-energized motor with sealed gear assembly
  • Wetted parts are all stainless steel
  • Three-bearing design for greater shaft stability
  • Powder coat finish
  • Available in 115 VAC, 230 VAC, 24 VAC, 24 VDC, and 12 VDC
  • The best value on the market!