Volume 11, Issue 11

Goodyear Plant Installs SmartBob II Level Measurement Devices on Carbon Black Silos

The Goodyear Plant in Lincoln, Nebraska tried an assortment of time-of-flight measurement technologies in their four carbon black storage silos, but nothing they tried ever worked consistently. They were frequently adjusting the calibration and replacing PC boards. In December of 2003, a SmartBob II was installed to evaluate the performance and reliability of the unit. The unit performed flawlessly and in March of this year the remaining three carbon black silos were outfitted with SmartBob II remotes. “I would recommend the SmartBob II to anyone interested in a reliable inventory management system that’s competitively priced,” said Tom Trojan, a project engineer at the Goodyear plant in Lincoln.

SmartBob II Optional Pipe Extension for Mounting Remote Sensor on Existing Standpipe or Catwalk

The SmartBob II pipe extension is an optional feature that is attached to the 3” NPT SmartBob II mount. The pipe extension keeps the sensor probe from being pulled up into a standpipe, functions as a bushing, and keeps the cable from fraying on sharp objects, should the sensor probe swings while taking a measurement. It also functions to keep the sensor probe flush with the vessel top. The extension pipes are available in CPVC, galvanized, or stainless steel. They are available in custom lengths from 4 inches to 20 feet. Longer extensions may be to used to mount SmartBob II remotes on a catwalk or platform above the vessel and extend the sensor probe down to the vessel top. This allows easy access to the SmartBob II remote.

New GRX-PLUS Rotary features Two SPDT Switches and Easy-to-Access Terminal Strip

Reliability is found in every GRX-PLUS
From the outside, the GRX-Plus looks about the same as every other rotary level control. But inside, you find a specially designed motor and shaft assembly that makes the BinMaster GRX-Plus the most reliable rotary level control you can buy — period.

Simple, Dependable Operation
The GRX-Plus has few moving parts and features simple operation. A slow-speed synchronous motor rotates the paddle which senses the pressure of the material at the level where the GRX-Plus is placed. The sensitivity can be adjusted with a motor torque adjusting spring allowing the unit to be used in both light and heavy materials. Rotary technology ignores changing material characteristics that can cause other point level devices to fail.

The GRX-Plus is designed for controlling level in bins, silos and hoppers that contain plastics, food, seed, chemicals, and other powder and bulk solid materials.

  • Easy to wire terminal strip for quick installation
  • De-energizing motor extends motor life
  • Motor slip-clutch prevents gear damage
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Compact design
  • 2-SPDT 15 Amp switches
  • Optional sensing paddles
  • All models approved for Class I, Groups C & D and Class II, Groups E, F & G 
  • OPERATES IN TEMPERATURES FROMperates in temperatures from –40°F to +300°F

SMARTBOB II can measure it!

Whether it’s chunk coal in a coal-fired power plant or fine granular solids in a plastic processor’s material storage silos, SmartBob II technology can handle it. Airborne dust, noise, steam, vapors, temperature, or material density pose no problem to SmartBob II. This system is designed to measure just about anything.