Volume 9, Issue 9

BinMaster Employees celebrate 50 Years of putting the needs of our Customers at the center of all we do…Meet the people behind BinMaster

In the late 1950s, DeKalb Seed Company asked Garner Industries to make a device that would help automate their seed handling operation. The pressure-activated switches that were in use at the time were not sensitive enough, so the company designed a simple, but more sensitive and reliable pressure switch for DeKalb’s small seed bins. The product proved to be very reliable so DeKalb told other companies about the device and soon Garner Industries was manufacturing the switch for many customers. From this simple beginning, Garner began the “BinMaster” product line.

All of us at BinMaster are proud of our 50-year history of service, quality, and integrity. Our customers today are the leading manufacturers and processors of grain, plastics, chemical, food, cement/aggregates, pharmaceuticals, wood/paper, and many other solid and liquid products.