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Eliminate Feed Delivery Emergencies

Swine and poultry operations have a new solution to eliminate complex spreadsheets and climbing bins. Battery-powered, wireless sensors are combined with intuitive, simple software to automatically measure feed inventory. FeedView delivers timely data to a smartphone, tablet, or PC – transforming the way farms schedule feed deliveries.

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BinMaster and Grunn Team Up in Brazil

This Brazilian company has more than 13 years offering high quality instrumentation from world-renowned brands and companies in Germany and Austria. Grunn will now also sell BinMaster products manufactured in the United States. The company offers integrated industrial solutions for the agricultural, food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, packaging, cosmetics, glass, mining, chemical, furniture, and many other industries.

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BinMaster Licenses Emerson's 3D Solids Scanner and Software

BinMaster, an operating division of Garner Industries in Lincoln, Nebraska, has entered into a new direct license agreement with Emerson, a global engineering and technology company. Under the terms of the agreement, BinMaster has acquired an exclusive license to manufacture and distribute the 3D Solids Scanner level sensor and its associated software worldwide. 

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BinMaster Joins K-State Bulk Solids Innovation Center in Level Measurement Technology Education

BinMaster will join the K-State Bulk Solids Innovation Center (BSIC) as it shapes the future for bulk solids industry professionals to educate students about level measurement at an upcoming three-day course on Storage and Flow of Bulk Solids, March 31 to April 2, 2020. 

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BinMaster Promotes Growth - Appoints Regional Vice Presidents

BinMaster veterans Mike Mossage and Nathan Grube were promoted to the roles of Regional Vice President. This promotion comes in recognition of their outstanding commitment to service, product application knowledge, and sense of urgency in satisfying customers.

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Todd Peterson to Direct BinMaster Technical Services

Todd Peterson has been promoted to the new role of Director of Technical Services at BinMaster. For a company that puts customer service first, this new position addresses the company’s growing and diverse product line and commitment to outstanding technical support.

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Compact Non‐Contact Radar with Bluetooth Setup

The new CNCR Series of 80 GHz radar level sensors continuously measure liquid levels in tanks up to 98 feet

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Push‐Button Access to Silo Inventory

Get inventory data instantly at the push of a button. The C‐100 console mounts at a convenient location in the plant or a loadout. Employees simply  walk or drive up to the C‐100 and review level data from level sensors from  one to 128 silos from a single console.

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New Guided Wave Radar Measures Liquid Levels in Tanks, Standpipes, and Separators

The new GWR-3000 guided wave radar is suited for all types of liquids including those with steam, vapor, foam, condensation, or those prone to residual buildup. It is ideal for continuous level measurement in storage vessels, standpipes, or separators, tank metering at tank farms, and interface measurement to detect separation layers. It is appropriate for use in water, wastewater, oils, fuels, and many chemicals.

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Custom-Configured 80 GHz Non-Contact Radar Level Sensors

With BinMaster, there are countless ways to tailor 80 GHz radar to your operation. Combine different types of housings, mounting options, outputs, process connections, and approvals.

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Wireless Systems Save On Level Sensor Installation

Reduce the cost and complexity of installing silo inventory management systems using BinMaster’s new wireless communication solutions. Easily programmable, compact devices replace wires with over-the-air technology.