BinMaster SmartBob2 Weight and Cable Inventory Management System for Silos

The SmartBob2 sensor is installed one-sixth in from the outer diameter of the silo, which is the best location for the highest accuracy of material. The weight (“Bob”) at the end of the cable suspends downward and penetrates the dust and measures the settled solid or powder material based upon how much cable is released at the precise time the weight (“Bob”) stops. The measurement, which can be displayed as height or product or distance to product (headroom), can be read from the eBob software installed on a PC, a SmartBob C-100 Console, or a Remote Start Unit (RSU).

SmartBob is ideal for single point level measurement where silo levels need to be taken periodically throughout the day. Level measurements can be programmed to take place at predetermined intervals or initiated as needed from a PC, SmartBob C-100 Console or RSU. High temperature and explosion proof options make SmartBob2 suitable for many challenging applications.

The eBob software is also capable of displaying the levels of up to 16 bins at one time, for operations where multiple bins must be monitored efficiently. The SmartBob inventory management system can be networked (either wired or wireless) from one up to 100 bins using just one copy of the eBob software and one SmartBob C- 100 Console.

The SmartBob C-50 Analog Expansion Console enables monitoring of multiple bins equipped with SmartBob2 or SmartBob-TS1 sensors from a single C-100 Control Console, offering the benefits of significantly reducing the amount of equipment needed to monitor multiple bins, simplifying installation, and reducing overall equipment and wiring costs.

BinMaster offers many configurations and options for designing a SmartBob2 weight SmartBob is ideal for single point level measurement where silo levels need to be taken periodically throughout the day. and cable inventory management system for a facility. The core devices include two models of SmartBob measurement devices, control consoles and eBob reporting software. BinMaster provides both wired and wireless installation options for facilities that desire to network multiple silos to the SmartBob system. Measurement devices include the SmartBob2 remote for silos up to 180 ft tall including a high temperature model to operate in extreme conditions from 240° to 500° Fahrenheit, plus the SmartBob-TS1 for smaller silos up to 40 ft tall.

The SmartBob C-100 Console reports measurements from up to 100 bins, while the Remote Start Unit (RSU) is used for a single bin. Windows-based eBob software can be used to initiate a measurement from a remote location and provide real-time inventory data from up to 100 vessels with a colorful, visual display of the level measurements.

Software features include enhanced regional settings to support international date / time formats, simple set-up and automated email reporting. LAN configurations are also possible to share a common measurement database with multiple users on a local area network. 

SmartBob cable-based devices have performed in challenging environments where other technologies have proven unreliable or failed, plus it is far more economical. SmartBob is ideal for the concrete and aggregates industries where ongoing inventory management and remote reporting is required for multiple small and large bins. SmartBob2 is a cost-effective, continuous level measurement system that is suitable for many applications. SmartBob costs less than other technologies such as radar or ultrasonic, while providing a wealth of data for effective inventory management.