Tubbs Rice and Grain Adds More Capacity

The Upgrade Continues

Tubbs Rice and Grain
Pioneer, LA • 318-428-2439
Storage capacity: 4 million bushels at two locations
Annual volume: 7 million bushels
Number of employees: 25
Crops handled: Rice, corn, soybeans, soft red winter wheat, sorghum
Services: Grain handling and merchandising
Key personnel:

  • Larry Tubbs, owner/president
  • Kevin Tubbs, vice president
  • Steve Henderson, general manager
  • Mike Christian, operations
  • Carlos Spann, maintenance supervisor
  • Donna Shoemaker, office manager

Supplier List

Aeration fans...........The GSI Group
 Aspirators.....LMC Industrial Corp.
Bearing sensors......4B Components
Bucket elevators......The GSI Group
Catwalks.............Warrior Mfg. LLC
Concrete... Rawlinson/Hayes Supply
Conveyors...............The GSI Group
Cushion boxes....................Premier Components Inc.
Distributor....... The Essmueller Co.
Electrical..................Knight Electric
Elevator buckets.......Maxi-Lift Inc.
Engineering........ Nohr Engineering
Grain dryer..... Shanzer Grain Dryer
Level indicators...... BinMaster Level Controls
Liners.......Premier Components Inc.
Millwright........................... K.T. Tanks
Motion sensors...4B Components Ltd.
Scale design.......Conceptual Design
Steel storage............The GSI Group
Steel tank erection................Hayes Mechanical Contractor
Tower support system....Warrior Mfg.

When Tubbs Rice and Grain in 2009 replaced a 500,000-bushel tank that had been lost in a fire with a 750,000-bushel steel tank and new pit and leg, that was just the start of the improvements at the rice dryer location southeast of Mer Rouge, LA (318-647-3730). (See the May/June 2010 issue of Grain Journal for an account of that project.) Improvements at the site in 2011 include the addition of 300,000 bushels worth of additional steel storage, a second 10,000-bph dryer, a second receiving pit, four new legs with related conveying equipment, and a new aspirator for rice cleaning. “We’re always trying to improve our service to customers,” says Steve Henderson, an ex-farmer who has been general manager at Tubbs Rice since 2007. “Their combine capacity has increased to the point where the farmers could throw grain at us faster than we could dry or handle it.” This time, rather than hiring a general contractor for the project, Tubbs Rice opted to act as its own contractor. Hayes Mechanical Inc., Eudora, AR (870-355- 4577), which had been the general contractor in 2009, returned to erect the new steel storage and construct the tunnels. The cost of the continuing project remains confidential.

New for 2011
When Grain Journal visited the Mer Rouge location early in August, the construction project was nearing completion. The only major component not already on site was the aspirator.

Among the additions in 2011:

  • Hayes Mechanical constructed six 50,000-bushel GSI steel hopper tanks standing 36 feet in diameter, 79 feet tall at the eaves, and 89 feet tall at the peaks. The tanks are equipped with outside stiffeners. A pair of 3-hp GSI axial fans provides 1/10 cfm per bushel worth of aeration. Henderson notes that the six new tanks provide “intermediate storage” for wet grain awaiting drying or dry grain coming out of the dryer, as well as new separations for various grades of rice. In addition, two of the six tanks have sidedraws for loading trucks.
  • A new 500-bushel mechanical receiving pit feeds a new 15,000-bph GSI leg, the fourth receiving pit at Mer Rouge. In addition to the receiving leg, Tubbs Rice installed three more 15,000- bph legs to serve as wet leg and dry legs for the new dryer and to feed the new aspirator. The legs are outfitted with 20x8 Maxi-Lift CC-MAX buckets mounted on 22-inch Scandura belts.
  • The receiving and dry legs feed into a four-hole Essmueller rotary distributor, which can reach existing storage or the new hopper tanks via overhead 25,000-bph GSI drag conveyors. These conveyors were matched in capacity to an existing leg. Premier Components Inc. supplied the transitiona and spouting for the new construction and liner for wear surfaces inside the distributor and elsewhere around the new construction.
  • The second dryer is a 10,000-bph Shanzer model standing 98 feet tall and fired by natural gas. Henderson said the new dryer is similar to one at the company’s Pioneer, LA location that has proven to be easy to operate and easily reaching its rated capacity. “We typically dry rice in two passes, at a temperature ranging from 100 to 140 degrees, depending on the initial moisture and other factors,” he says, adding that the dryer can be used for corn, as well.
  • A pair of new LMC aspirators, not installed until fall 2011, removes light fractions from rice at a capacity rated up to 7,500 bph each.