In-grain Member Profile

Jenny Christensen

Chapter and committees: Mid-America Chapter

Family: The man who has put up with me for the last 17 years – my husband, Kurt. His Jack Russel/Rat Terrier mix Rex, the possum killer. My two New Forest Ponies, Delovely and Keeper and Kurt’s mustang (the four legged kind) Coulee. We also take care of nine chickens, six ducks and three cats.

Position and Company: Vice President of Marketing for BinMaster Level Controls of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Years with company: Just celebrated eight in September.

Years in Industry: 35 years

Interesting or unique fact about your facility/company: BinMaster is part of Garner Industries, a machine shop that does precision CNC machining, plastic injection molding, and mold tooling. Since we make many of the parts that go into our BinMaster products, we can be more flexible with customized sensors and have really fast turnarounds.

Past positions: Director of Marketing at Signature Foods (ground beef ), Director of Marketing at Sandy Mac Foods (deli meats), and Senior Promotions Manager at Campbell Soup Company (frozen division).

Education: MBA in Marketing from Keller Graduate School of Management, Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Bryant University.

Biggest influence on your career: My dad, who told me that working in a career in any way related to food was a good thing, since people and animals will always have to eat. Also, the owner of Signature Foods who told me that nothing happens in business until somebody sells something.

How has GEAPS helped your leadership skills?
GEAPS members make up our core customer base, so everything we with do with GEAPS helps us grow. We’re always looking at trends in the grain industry to help direct our product development effort. Attending GEAPS Exchange allows us to interact with our customers directly and learn more about their needs. We’ve presented at “What’s New” at GEAPS Exchange twice since I’ve been here. Plus, our guys are out educating members of the local chapters wherever they need us.

What are three of your favorite memories from GEAPS? 
    -  Making a presentation on the 3DLevelScanner at GEAPS Exchange very early in my tenure at BinMaster. 
    -  Surviving driving white-knuckled through ice and snow to get to Exchange in Wichita one year. 
    -  Working on the organization committee for GEAPS Exchange in Omaha.

What is the best advice you have received from another GEAPS member?
Listen and good things will come.

What is one industry-wide trend affecting your company right now? How are you reacting to it?
Compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is a regulation that impacts so many of our customers. In response to one large feed manufacturer’s request, we began development of a flow/no flow sensor to detect even the tiniest trickle of flow through a distributor, chute or feeder. It’s essential to any of our customers that want to prevent cross contamination in human food or animal feed.

What is something unique about the grain industry in your region?
I don’t know that it’s unique, but I’m always astounded by the size of the new bins going up. You can see them from miles away. Some of the large farms in our area today have more bushel capacity than the elevators did a few years back.