Feedview® Helps Control Rising Feed Costs

FeedView® takes everything swine and poultry operations do with feed inventory and organizes it in one simple software. It does away with climbing bins, manual measurements, and spreadsheets. With one log in producers can view current levels, place orders, and generate reports. Users can set automated alerts to proactively prevent shortages and late delivery charges.

With feed costs on the rise and demand for pork strong, it is critical to have just the right amount of feed on hand. Wasted feed deteriorates profits. FeedView® virtually eliminates feed waste by projecting the amount of feed needed until closeout. It also saves on disposal and vacuuming costs.

BinMaster laser level sensors are battery-powered, making getting started simple. Once connected to the gateway, readings are updates automatically in FeedView® SaaS from a phone, tablet, or desktop. Always evolving, these new features in FeedView® make feed management increasingly easier, intuitive, and convenient.

Headcount: Adjust headcounts for losses to make feed ordering more accurate. Headcounts can now be simply edited on the main grid in-line instead of making the change in the barn setup.

User management: Provide visibility of inventory and orders to people who need it. Administrators can add users, set passwords, assign roles, and allow specific users to create and place orders.

Custom dashboards: Easily create a custom view by farm, barn, ration, or any other meaningful criteria. Simply drag and drop columns where you want them displayed. Views are saved for each user automatically for future user sessions.

Advanced sorting: Columns are easily sorted in the grid view using a dropdown arrow and selecting the sort criteria. You can also filter within a column to quickly get to the information you need.

Report generation: FeedView® securely stores inventory and order information and lets you export measurement or purchasing history by a specific data range. Choose the columns of data you want and export reports to MS Excel.

Delivered orders: Orders are automatically marked as delivered once the vessel is filled. No need to update inventory or order status when a delivery is made.

Ready to change the way you manage feed? Contact Nathan Grube at BinMaster at 800-278-4241 or email  feedview@binmaster.com.

About BinMaster

BinMaster got its start in the early 1960s when a local seed company asked Garner Industries to fabricate a switch to alert when  bins were full. Today, BinMaster is a privately held, independent US manufacturer of point and continuous level indicators and  inventory management systems used for monitoring bulk solids or liquids in bins, tanks, silos, and hoppers. More than just level sensors, the company offers complete solutions using wireless devices and web applications to send data to a control room, console, smartphone, tablet, or PC. Robust, custom systems can be developed for a single site or networked across a multi‐national operation. BinMaster is certified to ISO 9001 quality management systems—requirements. For more information about BinMaster, visit www.binmaster.com.

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