3D Multivision software Alerts to Center of Gravity Danger

Prevent Silo Collapse Using 3DLevelScanners

The walls of steel and concrete silos have been known to wear or fail causing cracking, denting, buckling, and bending that can lead to catastrophic collapse. For operations that want to detect uneven loading of silos that contribute to these failures, BinMaster offers a new software option that uses 3DLevelScanners to identify the location of the center of gravity, display it graphically, and alert when the center of gravity falls outside of a predefined area.

A 3DLevelScanner is mounted on the roof of the silo in an optimal location to view the material surface in the silo. Level measurements are used to determine the X, Y, and Z coordinates of the center of gravity based upon the material topography. The coordinates are processed in the 3DMultiVision software via a proprietary RS-485 communication protocol. Users define the alert parameters and accepted area into which the center of gravity must fall. A 3D visual will indicate where the center of gravity is located and show the acceptable area.

Operations can use this unique solution to help reduce structural stress when loading or emptying a silo. It is a valuable preventive maintenance tool that can alert to the need for inspection or cleaning. Use over time can prolong silo integrity and create a safer environment by alerting to potential structural stress caused by uneven loading. 

3D MultiVision displaying center of gravity alertThe 3D visual indicates as the vessel has been emptied, material has built up on one side. The center of gravity has fallen outside the set parameters and is displayed in red on the material volume map. A red Center of Gravity Alert (left) clearly notifies of a need for action (cleaning or aeration) before damage occurs.  

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