BinCom Modules Enable Bin Level Data Monitoring via Mobile Devices

BinMaster SmartBob with BinCom Module and BinView in SmartPhone

April 20, 2016 - BinMaster has introduced a series of BinCom modules that enable a SmartBob sensor to send data to the BinView web application to provide instant access to bin level data on any device with an Internet connection. A SmartPhone, tablet, or PC can be used to get timely, remote data access to all bin level measurements from local and corporate-wide locations. BinCom is battery operated for low-power, wireless technology and cellular data transfer to make it super simple to get SmartBob data where and when you need it.

A battery-operated BinCom wireless transceiver module is installed with each SmartBob sensor, either affixed to the SmartBob housing or installed close by. When the SmartBob sensor takes a measurement at its predetermined interval, the BinCom module “wakes up” and sends level data via a BinCom gateway over a secure Cellular data transfer network to BinView application software in the Cloud. The data is accessed by authorized users via the Internet via a SmartPhone, tablet, or PC using secure login credentials assigned by an administrator.

Data is populated in BinView in a viewer-friendly window optimized for each type of device. The percentage full, drop distance, and product height are boldly displayed, along with historical trends for product height and percentage full. Battery levels for the BinCom module are also monitored via the dashboard. Other enhancements include customization with your logo for easy identification whether BinView is accessed only within the organization or in VMI.

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