Q3, 2017: Tips for Monitoring Level & Flow

Third Quarter 2017 Insider

Solve Flow Problems

For flow problems in distributors, pipelines, or conveyors check out the Flow Detect 2000 and Flow Detect 1000.

80 GHz Radar with Super Simple Installation

If you need an extremely reliable and accurate level sensor and have an existing 1-1/2” opening for mounting, this new model of the NCR-80 non-contact radar may be just the right solution for you.

This is a convenient solution to replace old technology or simply add new!

Select the Correct Non-Contact Sensor

3D, radar and laser scanners all provide continuous level measurement but suit different applications.

BinMaster's feature article in Chemical Processing's 2017 eHandbook: Be Level-Headed About Level Sensors explains.

Grain Bin Innovation Could Save Lives

Innovative scanning technology uses 3D mapping to allow you to check out the landscape of your grain bin, alerting to potential storage problems and allowing you to plan safe grain removal options.

See what Nebraska Farmer magazine has to say.

Monitoring Resin Levels

It takes one to know one! BinMaster’s parent company, Garner Industries, is also a plastic injection molder. 

Read how Garner uses BinMaster products to monitor silo and hopper levels in its plastic molding operation.

Here We Grow!

Our facility is growing, even faster than summer weeds! Garner Industries is investing more than $3 million dollars to expand its operations in Lincoln, Nebraska with a 40,000-square foot addition to its existing 75,000 square foot building.

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