New Guided Wave Radar Measures Liquid Levels in Tanks, Standpipes, and Separators

Measures water, wastewater, oils, fuels, and many chemicals.

The new GWR-3000 guided wave radar is suited for all types of liquids including those with steam, vapor, foam, condensation, or those prone to residual buildup. It is ideal for continuous level measurement in storage vessels, standpipes, or separators, tank metering at tank farms, and interface measurement to detect separation layers. It is appropriate for use in water, wastewater, oils, fuels, and many chemicals.

The GWR-3000 is completely customized for each vessel. It is offered with plastic, aluminum, or stainless-steel housings and with either a cable or rod customized to a specific length. Both 2-wire 4-20 mA or 4-wire 4-20 mA and Modbus output options make it easily compatible with existing systems. To meet hazardous locati
on requirements, it is available with a variety of CSA and FM approvals, or can be used in ordinary locations. Flat and angled mounting plates, a variety of flange sizes, and 1.5” and 2” NPT mounting options make the sensor adaptable to most any vessel.

The GWR-3000 is easily programmed using a BinDisc module. On-site and remote monitoring can be done using software on a phone, tablet, or PC. It can also be connected to your existing PLC and control room. For convenient access throughout the plant, digital panel meters provide local data access via a push button display that is highly visible is in bright light, fog, or dust.

These sensors can be applied in liquid storage tanks containing ammonia, bitumen or liquefied gas, ethanol, anhydrous ammonia, and many other types of fuels, oils, or chemicals. The GWR-3000 is also for use in water separators in steel mills, chemical or food plants, waste transfer facilities, industrial wastewater treatment systems, metal recyclers, and flavoring and fragrance manufacturers.

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