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Solar Powered Pit Lagoon Monitoring

Solar Powered Pit Lagoon Monitoring
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Solar Powered Pit Lagoon Monitoring

The Company

This is a farm location owned by an agribusiness considered one of the top major food processing companies in the U.S. They produce a large protein portfolio with leading brands worldwide.

The Challenge

The need to monitor levels in effluent pits is critical to ensure each pit and lagoon operates as designed and complies with regulatory standards. Overflows must be avoided, and that makes remote monitoring critical. However, most manure management lagoons and pits are located far from facilities and power. Installing power thousands of feet from the closest source can be expensive (up to $100 a foot).

The Solution

Monitoring pits and lagoons with livestock waste must be done to eliminate the risk of harmful spills or costly breaches. PitView® pulls information from radar-level sensors and stores it in the cloud. It is then available on tablets, computers, and even mobile phones.

Faced with the challenge of animal waste lagoons (sometimes called anaerobic lagoons) located in remote locations and costly electricity installations, PitView was adapted to a solar-powered system.

The sensors and software update levels continuously without the use of manpower (who probably prefer to avoid the smell). Measurements are taken in regularly-scheduled intervals daily, around the clock. That way, you’ll know exactly when it’s time to run the manure pit pump.

This customer’s four locations monitor their most critical waste, but the system is easily scalable and can expand the solution to all company farm locations.

• They stopped manually measuring lagoons.

• Text or email alerts ensure staff can respond promptly.

• Occupational risks are reduced by eliminating long trips to remote locations.

• Staff monitor multiple pits, lagoons, or sites on one dashboard.

• Company can export measurement history for compliance reports.

• Everyone sees the same data, which is constantly updating.

• They can view or run reports whenever they need them, to know when levels rise too high.

• Supervisors can schedule tank trucks and field applications in advance.

In Conclusion

Accuracy, time-savings, and liability reduction were improved for this PitView customer. Solar was a great solution born from a simple request and spirit of customer service by BinMaster sales and engineering professionals. Solar power opens a world of applications for inventory management. To explore this solution, talk to your BinMaster sales professional about your ideas.

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