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O Campeao Voltou, Brazil Embraces Ag Technology

O Campeao Voltou, Brazil Embraces Ag Technology
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O Campeao Voltou, Brazil Embraces Ag Technology

O CAMPEAO VOLTOU! (the champion is back)

Sales Rep Luis Anton along with distributor Grunn Do Brasil have been busy bringing BinMaster sensors to one of the world’s more extensive agriculture economies. Described as the “breadbasket of the world,” Brazil has grown ag production by an average of 5 percent annually since 1995. Technology is such a focus that Brazil’s Secretary of Agriculture Norberto Ortigara made a point to find Anton and talk BinMaster sensors at an agricultural equipment fair.

Grunn brings Brazil BinMaster 
Need to know where to get BinMaster products in Brazil? The answer is Grunn of Sao Paulo.

This Brazilian company has more than 13 years of offering high-quality instrumentation from world-renowned brands and companies in Germany and Austria. Grunn sells BinMaster products manufactured in the U.S. The company offers integrated industrial solutions for agricultural, food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, packaging, cosmetics, glass, mining, chemical, furniture, and many other industries.

“Grunn is very happy to partner with BinMaster and bring high-quality level sensors and software to Brazil,” said Ligea Ferrarini, Grunn product manager. “There is great demand for inventory management products.” Grunn offers BinMaster’s complete line of products, including the 3DLevelScanner offered exclusively by BinMaster worldwide..

“Brazil is a significant opportunity for BinMaster,” said Scott Hudson, executive vice president of sales and marketing for BinMaster. “Grunn brings local expertise in transacting business in Brazil and excellent customer service and relationships. They are one of many multinational companies selling BinMaster around the world.”

BinMaster Benefits Brazilian Ag Workers
As Brazil's agriculture modernizes, they realize the return on investment for BinMaster products.
• BinMaster sensors are relatively simple to install. Some can be done without the need for bringing in an electrician or contractor.
• BinMaster sensors and software is a great inventory management system that has been designed for user simplicity. On-time orders, improved inventory sharing, and communication with everyone from managers to drivers is boosted.
• BinMaster systems are expandable allowing operations to install a system and build as budgets allow
• Climbing ladders to measure bins can be eliminated greatly improving safety.

O Campeao Voltou Brazil and Sensor Tech- Grunn

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