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MCP-100, Smart Sensor for Small Silos and Tiny Tanks

MCP-100, Smart Sensor for Small Silos and Tiny Tanks
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MCP-100, Smart Sensor for Small Silos and Tiny Tanks

While big bins need big sensors, smaller vessels are just as critical for monitoring and measuring. The food industry, water purification plants, and pharmaceutical operations often mix ingredients in smaller amounts stored in tiny tanks and small silos.

BinMaster’s MCP-100 mini capacitance probe is a compact sensor for level measurement and pressure detection in water-based liquids.

“Running a brewery, we’re always watching our silo with ingredients and beer,” said the owner of a popular microbrewery on the Gulf Coast. “I decided on BinMaster mini capacitance probes because they are so easy to install and I can keep tabs on the levels. We also have fun with the color signals during holidays to go along with the spirit of things with our employees.”

These small, but mighty sensors, include a colorful LED status display that you fully control using your phone on an app through Bluetooth. Install an MCP-100 as a low-level detector in a tank. The sensor settings can be adjusted using a phone app. Colors, blinking, and other features can be completely customized for optimal operation.

Mini capacitance sensors are affordable and sanitary with options for 3A or FDA requirements.

  • MCP-100 sensors can measure levels for many products:
    - Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products
    - Purified or processed water tanks
    - Pressure and point-level measurement in beverage production

- Can be combined into PLCs and existing control systems in a simple manner through IO-link communication (Bluetooth)
- Colorful LED, status display with adjustable coloration
- Sanitary 1/2” NPT, 3/4 NPT and G1/2 stainless steel connectors
- Hygienic connectors. Stainless steel 316L ½” NPT, ¾” NPT, and G1/2 fittings

How does a capacitance sensor work?
Capacitive probes can sense both metallic and non-metallic materials making them great for many industrial applications. A capacitance probe can sense the dielectric change between the presence of air and material. What is dielectric? It is the space or pocket between a surface with negative electrons and a surface with positive electrons.

MCP-100 Great for smaller applications

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