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Counting pellets? Get inventory management software and sensors just for plastics

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BinCloud, PC, App, NCR-80

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Plastic inventory solutions

  1. Sensors, software, IoT. BinMaster systems.
  2. Measure resin pellets, flakes, powders, or liquids.
  3. Radars, lasers, or SmartBob-level sensors.
  4. Rotary, capacitance, and vibrating probes
  5. Scalable. Start small. Expand to all silos and sites.

Secure simple software

  1. Cloud inventory tailored to plastics manufacturers
  2. Injection molders. Blow molders. Film & sheet extruders.
  3. One login for all your sensors, silos, sites
  4. BinCloud phone app. Levels anywhere, anytime.
  5. Push notifications. Automated alerts.

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  1. We answer the phone. Call us at 402-434-9102.
  2. United States-based staff who know plastics
  3. Friendly salespeople with tons of experience
  4. After the sale service for installs and questions
  5. Live chat 8 AM to 5 PM CST Monday to Friday
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