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FVL-200 Laser level sensor - 35 ft. maximum


FVL-200 Laser level sensor, 35 ft. maximum measurement, Wireless LoRa output, includes standard -20°F to 120°F battery. Specifically designed for use with FeedView software. Requires BinCloud gateway with LoRa communicatons. Use SWVL-40 mounting plate.

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Battery-Powered Sensor: Single-point level measurement installs without wiring

Laser level transmitter measures low-dust bulk solids in bins and silos up to 98 feet tall.

Do you have silos not wired for power?

Are your silos spaced long distances apart?

The SPL-200 is a battery powered sensor that sends inventory management data up to one-mile away.

Two models connect you to your inventory:

FVL-100: Measures feed bins up to 35 feet tall using FeedView® software.

SPL-200: For silos up to 98 feet tall using any BinCloud® web application.

Features of this laser level sensor:

  • Wireless sensor simplifies installation and eliminates wiring costs
  • Built-in LoRa transceiver for long-range data communications up to one mile line-of-sight
  • Sends data at programmable time intervals—every hour, every day, or something in between
  • Long battery life of 3 to 5 years depending on frequency of measurement
  • 5” NPT threaded mounting using fixed or adjustable aiming mounting plates
  • Dust tube protects laser module from dust buildup to minimize maintenance
  • Single point measurement of solids in low dust environments

Benefits of going with wireless sensors:

Simple: No complex connections or confusing wiring diagrams. Sensor screws into a fixed or aimed mounting plate. Battery replacement is as easy as a flashlight.

Affordable: Eliminate wiring a power supply to the sensor. Avoid electrician and component costs that can be more than the sensor.

Versatile: Installation is possible virtually anywhere – outside a plant, in large facilities, or in remote areas–using long range LoRa communications.

Accessible: Sensor data is sent to a BinCloud web application where it can be viewed on a phone, tablet, or desktop PC.

No power? No problem! Let the laser with lithium-ion battery power measure up.


Inventory Management
Ensure adequate supply for production, prevent material shortages.


Remote Monitoring
Manage inventory while in the plant, while traveling, or away from the office.


Vendor Managed Inventory
Engage suppliers in replenishing the supply chain to optimize purchasing.

More Information
Measurement TypeContinuous Level
Voltage Battery Power
Ambient Temperature-22˚F to 150˚F (-30˚C to 65˚C)
Process TemperatureUp to +145°F (62°C)
Enclosure TypeIP 67
Enclosure MaterialDie cast aluminum
Mounting1.5" NPT
Range98 ft. (30 M)

Mounting Plates


Battery-powered FVL and SPL lasers don't require wiring.

Lasers are just one of the level technologies showcased in BinMaster's corporate video.

See laser, radar, 3D, and ultrasonic products from BinMaster.

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