Radar de Onda Guiada para Modbus RTU


BinMaster’s GWR-2000 guided microwave level transmitter provides continuous level measurement in vessels up to 100 feet tall with accuracy of ±  0.08 inches (2mm). It utilizes time domain reflectometry (TDR) to continuously measure the distance, level and volume of powders or solids in bins, tanks and silos. This sensor features hazardous location approvals, a very small upper dead zone, and assures highly accurate level measurement in low dielectric materials down to 1.3. It has 4 -20 mA and Modbus RTU communication options, making it compatlbe with your HMI or PLC, as well as BinMaster's eBob LAN-based software program or BinView cloud-base monitoring.

The transmitter is mounted on the top of the vessel in an unobstructed area through a 1-1/2” NPT opening or 3" ANSI flange. Setup is simple using the optional BinDisc push-button interface. A single, flexible stainless steel cable with a counter weight is suspended from the transmitter to the bottom of the vessel. The transmitter emits a high frequency microwave pulse guided along the cable. When the pulse reaches the material surface, the pulse energy is reflected back up to the sensor head. Level is calculated based on the time difference between the pulse being sent and the reflected pulse received.

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