Transmisor de nivel laser


The LL-100 laser level measurement sensor is used for level control, plugged chute detection, and monitoring buildup. This non-contact device can be used in bulk solids, pellets, or granular materials of all material dielectrics in a variety of vessels. It measures in a tight 1° beam, so there is no beam divergence, making it suitable for use in very narrow vessels or constrained spaces. Narrow beam laser measurement technology is resistant to reliability issues caused by surface angle, slope, texture, granularity, or material color.

The laser level measurement sensor has a measuring range up to 160 feet and is highly accurate up to +/- 1 inch. It offers continuous level monitoring with a rapid update rate of eight times per second. The LL-100 can be aimed with great precision, making it suitable for vessels with interfering structure or with corrugation. It can also be applied in cramped, restrictive process equipment such as chutes or hoppers, or in confined equipment such as crushers. Laser is unaffected by heavy vapors and pressure making it very versatile across a wide variety of industries and materials.

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