Sensor de punta de Teflón


The Teflon-coated spike bob is an optional SmartBob probe specifically adapted for measuring powders and solids material that may adhere to the sensor probe. It is ideal for use in sticky materials such as silica or frack sand, powdered chemicals or minerals, additives and ingredients, or any material that tends to build up on the sensor probe. The Teflon coating on the probe has US FDA approval which also enables it to be used in bins, tanks, or silos containing ingredients used in animal and human food processing or pharmaceutical environments.

Measuring the level of sticky materials can create difficulties for some operations. If material should build up on the sensor, periodic maintenance would be needed to clean the sensor probe off. Also, built up material on the probe could begin to spoil over time and potentially cause contamination. Powders built up over time can become a sold mass that may enter the production process. The Teflon-coated probe can be used in place of a traditional steel spike bob, when the user wants the added assurance that buildup won’t occur.

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