BinMaster Introduces Compact Vibrating Rod for Use in Small Bins

(Lincoln, Nebraska—June 11, 2014) BinMaster introduces the new CVR-625, a compact vibrating rod that is ideal for small bins, hoppers, and feeders. Featuring an overall insertion length of just six inches, it is suitable for space-constrained applications. It can be mounted on the top or side of the bin for high, medium and low level indication. It is easy to install, fitting through a standard 1-1/4" NPT mounting socket and can be used in process temperatures up to 300ºF. It can detect the level of all types of dry solid materials, including very light materials with a bulk density as low as two pounds per cubic foot.

Due to its vibrating technology, the CVR-625 mini vibrating rod is able to overcome difficulties associated with changes in dielectric constant, humidity, temperature, and material density. The single rod design eliminates the problem of false signals due to material wedging and buildup associated with “tuning fork” type probes. It features three sensitivity adjustments – high for light and fluffy materials, medium, and low for heavier materials or materials that may tend to cling to the vibrating rod. It requires no calibration and features a self-cleaning sensor, switch selectable high/low fail-safe, and an auto sensing power supply which can accommodate 20 – 250 volts AC/DC. Remote electronics via a point level alarm panel are available to alert to bin levels for four up to 24 individual sensors.